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IFS Food 7

How to Successfully Pass
The Assessment

An everything you need guide to implement IFS Food standard version 7 and to prepare your company for successful assessment
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  • author A book by
    Miroslav Suska
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What Will You Get From This Book?

The only book available on the market explaining the IFS Food version 7 standard, requirement by requirement. Ideal guide for implementation. Practical approach with large number of non conformities and deviations examples based on experiences from real IFS Food certification audits across globe.

Implementation Guide

The book is an implementation guide of complete IFS Food version 7 standard

Examples of Assessment Findings

There is a large number of examples of non-conformities and deviations from real audits provided

Tips for effective implementation

You will learn how to implement requirements in an effective way so you will avoid developing the bureaucratic system

Prepared in co-operation with IFS

The book was written with kind help of IFS Management GmbH. For interpretation consistency, the book was technically reviewed by IFS Food Standard Manager

Assessment Process

You will learn how to go through assessment process from certification body selection up to the obtaining your certificate

Key Changes in Version 7

Already know version 6.1? Section "Key Changes in Version 7" will help you to focus on most important changes

The Book Chapters

  • cover
  • author A book by
    Miroslav Suska
  1. GFSI and GFSI Recognized Standards
  2. IFS Standards
  3. First Assessment Preparation
  4. Requirements of IFS Food Standard
  5. Assessment Process
  6. Assessment Findings and Post-Assessment Activities
  7. IFS Database
  8. Risk Assessment Tools
  9. Further Education Options

Who Is This Book For?

The main objective of the book is to help food industry to understand and implement requirements of the IFS Food standard. Readers from many other areas will, however, profit from its reading as well:

Quality Managers

Quality managers, HACCP team leaders and other management members will learn how to prepare their company for a successful audit

Internal auditors

Internal auditors will learn how to interpret the standard requirements correctly to perform an effective internal audits

Consultants and Trainers

Consultants will learn how to implement requirements of new version 7 effectively. Trainers will receive information enabling them to provide practical and correct training

Certification body auditors

Certification body auditors will obtain calibration to make sure they understand the requirements and grading correctly

Book Reviews

See what our readers are saying.
"Miroslav Šuška has accompanied the IFS in various functions for over a decade. He is an experienced auditor and consultant. He knows very well the challenges for the industry that the implementation of IFS Food means. In this respect, I am very happy that he supported us in the development of the new IFS Food Version 7 with his practical experience and I thank him for his input."
Stephan Tromp
Stephan Tromp
Managing Director, IFS Management GmbH (Germany)
"I have been in professional contact with Miroslav Šuška for more than 20 years and he always impressed me with his deep expertise and experience regarding quality audits. His new book may definitely become very helpful tool to be used by business managers to achieve successful audits in the future."
Miroslav Hošek
Miroslav Hošek
CEO, Global Foodservice System Solutions, Savencia Fromage & Dairy, CEO, AFP advanced food products LLC (USA), www.tristiri.cz
"This book gives you the opportunity to understand what are the main changes of the IFS Food version 7 standard. In addition, you can have real examples from the field and from the point of view of an experienced auditor about which deviations and non-conformities can be raised in each chapter. A great tool to understand what is expected from this new version!"
Chryssa Dimitriadis
Chryssa Dimitriadis
Head of IFS Standard Management/ IFS Food Standard manager, IFS Management GmbH (France)
"I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Miroslav for the better part of the last decade. He is among the most knowledgeable and passionate food safety experts in the world. Miroslav goes over and above what is expected in all of his work and delivers exceptional results for his clients and colleagues."
Mitchell Weinberg
Mitchell Weinberg
"Simple, clear and efficient publication that will enable you to understand and prepare for your upcoming IFS audit"
Bechara Kassouf
Bechara Kassouf
Cluster Quality Manager - Multisales Central Europe, MARS (Czech Republic)
"It is a practical guide that provides a large number of implementation tips and examples of actual IFS audit findings. The book can help the food industry implement and maintain the IFS Food Standard requirements"
Petr Baudyš
Petr Baudyš
Quality Manager, Penny Market s.r.o. (Czech Republic)

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About The Author

Miroslav Šuška is experienced IFS and BRC auditor who have been working for several international certification bodies and managed own DAkkS accredited certification body focused on IFS certifications. He was working number of years as Quality Manager at internationally operated food producer and later on run own consulting company where he was helping to implement quality and food safety standards to the companies as Nestlé, Yoplait, Nutrucia and many others. He performed IFS Food and others audits across Europe, in Asia and North America. At moment, he is member of IFS Integrity team of auditors and is appointed as IFS representative for the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Miroslav is CEO/founder of QUALIFOOD s.r.o., the consulting company providing online trainings through its portal QUALIFOOD Academy.

QUALIFOOD ACADEMY s.r.o., nam. Miru 111/17, 787 01 Sumperk, CZECH REPUBLIC
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